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The TB Series LED Tubes support a universal input voltage range, and so can easily be used to replace traditional lighting. The tubes have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, which helps to reduce maintenance costs. The all-plastic design keeps the tube’s weight down, making the tubes easier and more convenient to install. These LED tubes can operate effectively in a working environment with a temperature of -40℃.


The MR16 Lighting Series was made to promote a greener environment. It meets many international standards for guaranteed user safety. This lighting series uses high quality LEDs and applies specialized optical designs to create a distinctive lighting with a simplified and more comfortable effect. In addition, the MR16 provides various base options to meet consumers’ needs and specifications around the world.


Not only is the omni directional LED bulb’s (BU Series) appearance simple and elegant, it also boasts a unique optical design which provides a beam angle of ≧270°. These lightweight, high-performance bulbs have a long lifespan and are easy to install. They can be used as a direct replacement for traditional 80W light bulbs, making them the ideal solution for energy saving and carbon reduction.


The LED Bay Light (BY series) consists of lightweight cone-shaped bay lights with a modular design concept. The lights' independent drivers prevent failure, and also enable users to change the number of lights and conserve unneeded power consumption. A low-glare optical design creates an even, appealing illumination.


These high performance LED Projecting Light (PJ series) can be paired with different secondary optical designs to meet the lighting needs of different situations, including wide-angle projecting lights, tunnel lights, and narrow-angle projection lights. This product designed for IP67 with IEC 60529 standard, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Street lights have four main functions in the modulized design. OPTOTECH considers practicality as the highest priority. The internal structure is designed with a patented module that uses a hinge and E type ring buckle, making it easy to maintain and replace by a single person. The product’s unique cooling technology performs quickly and effectively through a heat sink that incorporates a heat pipe for thermal conduction process. Its new optical design meets international standards with a perfect butterfly-shaped photometric curve that was designed with safety in mind. The product’s photometric curve produces better illumination and achieves a more comfortable lighting effect than other similar systems. Its excellent power module with 90% and above conversion efficiency and its constant current output increases the LED lifespan. Other differentiating feature: Street lights that can be powered by solar or AC power.

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