LED architectural and stage lighting - System configuration


Light source

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor component. With the LED, light is produced by a solid state process called electroluminescence. The most significant advantage is low electricity consumption,which saves users energy costs.

Circuit design

IRISin interfaces with the LED matrix circuit design. By applying several same-color LEDs – either in series, parallel or both – every LED matrix becomes a circuit; combining three matrices of Red, Green and Blue forms an LED light source module. By utilizing digital interface technology, the Signal Processing Unit (SPU) controls all matrices-assembling circuits. Exerting the electronic circult design, the frequency shifts LEDs between darkness and brightness in order to keep the strength of the light source under the control of each LED matrix, thus producing the desired color effect.

Light source module

LEDs, MPUs, communication connectors, electricity connectors and other electrical components assembled in a print circuit board form a light source module. The IRISin series contains disk and stripe modules.

Lighting fixture

Using professional help for assembly and optics design, the heat-emitting device and light source are combined to create a lighting source. The IRISin series accepts dot, line and dimension multi-outline design as well as several dynamic standard sizes, which allow users to choose the most suitable products based on their different needs and environmental conditions.

Digital lighting system

Selected IRISin series products are grouped into a lighting system, which contains lighting fixture, iGear series controller and power system. In a system application, the lighting fixture as defined by user requirements can be used either individually or as part of a group. Animation files are transferred as digital commands into the SPU to rule over strength and order of light so that the desired lighting effect can be achieved correctly, thus creating the most inspiring customised effect.

The IRISin series differs from conventional lighting since Red, Green, and Blue are mixed to create up to 280 trillion colors. Using our software, the user can create programs for their favorite light color and performance. IRISin allows you to have free reign in your light design and creativity.

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