LED architectural and stage lighting - Control system


iGear mini

The iGear mini controller can control up to 2,048 individual LED dots; using the iGear Mini’s cascade capability, this can be expanded to permit the control of an almost unlimited number of dots. Besides facilitating the flexible arrangement of lighting in small spaces, the controller can also be used to create a wide range of lighting effects in large performance venues.

The iMapper editing software supports direct setting of LED identification codes. When preparing a dynamic light show, once the mapping of the light locations is completed, the file can be stored on a CF memory card, which is then inserted into the iGear mini controller card slot; the buttons on the control panel can then be used to play the program file stored on the memory card.

iGear smart

The iGear smart controller controls up to 8,192 LED dots, as compared to traditional DMX lighting controllers which are limited to a maximum of 512 channels. When cascade capability is used, the iGear smart can control an almost unlimited number of LED dots. With the iGear controller, there is no need to set LED ID codes individually, which significantly reduces the time needed to set up lighting arrangements, and also reduces the risk of human error. The iMapper software is used to directly set and alter ID codes; when a lighting program is to be played, it can be activated instantly by computer, with the large built-in memory capacity and the advanced signal processing interface ensuring that the right data is sent to each LED dot. The iGear smart controller is ideally suited for large-scale light displays that involve complex lighting effects.


iMapper is a user friendly software which integrates source from media and hardware controller to simulate lighting shows by pixel mapping. Make use of pixel grid to set up layout and address on computer. After completing pixel maps, users apply digital technology via iGear controller to project images in sequences onto lighting sites. Integrated with the iGear controller, all the desired lighting effect can be achieved correctly, thus creating the most inspiring customized effect.

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