LED architectural and stage lighting - IRISin series


IRISin Maxx

The IRISin Maxx is the perfect choice for all types of stage applications. The housing is built with composite materials, which strengthen the durability. With this design, the weight is 30% lighter than mainstream products on the market. The displays adopt magnetic design paired with easy locking fasteners, enabling fast, one-man installation.

The control system supports contents of HDR10 and 4K with data redundancy.

LED Transparent Display

In contemporary architecture aesthetics, glasses have been taking over from cements to be one of the important materials for façade designs because of high transparency and better light transmission.

OPTOTECH has, from this perspective, developed 3 LED transparent displays— stand-alone type, affix type, and spider fitting type—to fit the most common façade structures in architecture. Product features include easy installation, easy maintenance, and its perfect fusion with façade structures to minimize visual impacts.

IRISin Maxx

OPTOTECH’s cutting-edge, modularized lighting products provide 40% transmittance. The outstanding modular design of these products permits rapid alteration of lighting arrangements to meet the needs of individual venues and events, so as to achieve the best possible lighting effects. OPTOTECH’s products can also replace conventional large-sized on-stage LED display screens, enhancing and refining the visual impact of performances.

IRISin Maxx provides 65,536 different color tones each for red, green and blue, giving a total of over 280 trillion possible color variations. With its streamlined structural design, IRISin Maxx is easy to transport and assemble, and can be used in a wide range of different lighting design solutions.

IRISin Splash

IRISin Splash uses the high power LED board module, and is applied to wall surface illumination and landscape atmosphere creation routines. The outer shell uses aluminum alloy material and has a parallel plate-fin heat sink structure that can dissipate the heat effectively as well as preventing oxidization. The IP66 waterproof specification makes it ideal for all outdoor applications. A 270 degrees rotary bracket makes installment of the lighting fixtures easy and convenient, as well as very adaptable to different needs. The angle of the optical lens module can be varied as well.

The color brilliance is abundant and uniform and can be customized depending on different lighting demands by showing a single color or a full color LED module. Each R, G, B, light can create more than one billion colors.

IRISin Streamer

IRISin Streamer uses the high power LED board module, and is applied to wall surfaces and landscape items to create illumination and atmosphere. The PC cover and aluminum alloy base easily dissipates the heat while the outer casing presents an attractive outlook that blends perfectly with its background. The IP66 waterproof specification makes the product ideal for outdoor applications. In accordance with a variety of user needs, the optical lens shift module can be made available with varying lens angles. The color brilliance is abundant and uniform, R, G, B, light can create more than one billion colors.

With the ability to do dot, line and full surface installation, IRISin Streamer is ideally suited to the external illumination of large range structures or areas such as construction wall surfaces, bridges, ground and so on.

IRISin Flexpix

The string of 16 round lights can be installed where it is needed, without being restricted by venue environment constraints. One of the key features of the IRISin Flexpix is that it is easy to assemble and maintain; in addition, the light covers can be replaced easily. The IRISin Flexpix conforms to the IEC 60529 standard, and is rated at the IP65 ingress protection level, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The combination of red, blue and green light makes it possible to create over 1 billion different colors.

The IRISin Flexpix supports an extremely wide range of applications, and is ideally suited for use in building exterior lighting, performance venue atmospheric lighting, bridge decoration, etc.

IRISin Rib

Elongated tube lighting combines form with function. Powder coated extruded aluminum construction delivers strength and quality for all kinds of different application environments. The environmentally-friendly product is mercury-free, compliant with the IEC 60529 standards, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The full-color IRISin Rib can be used for settings that require variation. Apart from being used on building profiles, incorporated in ornamental light columns, stages, and indoor ambient lighting, it can also be used to achieve large-scale illuminated multimedia signs on buildings. The IRISin Rib is not only lighter than conventional signage but also enhances the building facade without detracting from the exterior.

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