LED displays- System configuration



The basic elements of display are composed by the red, green and blue LEDs. Different designs will affect the pitch between pixels vertically and horizontally.


With delicate structure and driving circuit design, one matrix is made up of several pixels gathered as unit. Every row of LED lamps is protected by the covering louvers and all the materials around the LEDs are black in order to provide the best picture contrast. Even in an extreme bright light environment, OPTOTECH displays will function flawlessly to provide a clear and vivid image


Designed for easy assembly and installation, as well as for withstanding often harsh environment elements. One panel contains a number of matrices, power suppliers, fans and scan board units to process and control every message sent and fed back and forth.


Built up by a certain number of panels to form a standard display, we can also design and manufacture to custom requirements, with different resolution specs. Through vertical and horizontal expansion of the panel, more creative and innovative designs can be applied in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Control System

Using contained units of Data Distribution Unit (DDU), Signal Processing Units (SPU), Video Processing Units (VPU) supported by software, the main function of our control system is to implement signal operation and data transformation. The process of control system is to transfer data from Play PC to display via fiber optic and then images can be played on the display, In the meantime, the sensor on the display can detect the condition data and then transfer data back to Play PC.

Video Input

Through the Video Processing Unit (VPU), different types of signals can be received, including CVBS, S-video, DVI, SDI, RGB (PR/Y/PB) & 1080P. NTSC, PAL video formats are also supported. Moreover, the Video Processing Unit (VPU) calculation transforms all digital image data structure and sends to Signal Processing Unit (SPU) for processing.

Communication Run

Based on the Signal Processing Unit (SPU), digital information from the Video Processing Unit (VPU) or PC is received and sent through fiber optic cable to the Data Distribution Unit (DDU) remotely. From the Data Distribution Unit (DDU) the image will be perfectly shown on the display. Furthermore, every display has photo sensor system which has the ability to adjust the brightness according to the changes in light levels of the environment. The detected brightness data will be sent back to the Data Distribution Unit (DDU), as well as the Signal Processing Unit (SPU) and PC. Thanks to this communication, the adjusted lighting data will get back to the display unit. Such design of fast speed transmission through circuit maximises the system, delivering true full color display.

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