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With advances in materials science and sharp improvements in LED luminous efficiency, the single chip high power packaging and multi-chip array module have become the center of lighting technology development. This leads to even broader application of LED light source from conventional outdoor displays, indicator lights and mobile phone light sources to the display's backlight source, building landscape lighting and living lighting. Featuring low power consumption, durability, and environmental protection, LED has determined the future of lighting applications.

OPTOTECH's packaging endeavor makes the most of vertical integration of its profound experiences and techniques in optoelectronics, silicon-electronics and systems operations to improve on product performance and packaging quality and offer the most competitive solutions for its customers.

OPTOTECH possesses high-spec IC packaging equipment and facilities, utilizing high thermal conductivity ceramic substrate and flip-chip packaging materials. The use of eutectic bonding wafer-level packaging (WLP) ensures that packaged components have a high level of reliability, with low thermal resistance and high electrical conductivity. OPTOTECH’s ultra-reliable high-power packaged IC products can meet your lighting power source needs through innovative solutions.

UV, IR, visible emitters Downlights, low- & high- bay lights, spot lights, roadway and parking lights; LCD-TV backlight, flash lights, micro projector light engines; UV lights, IR lights, CCD lamps, LED grow lights, fishing gathering lamps
Eutectic Flip-Chip packages
Chip on Board modules
Emitter on Board modules