Growing together with OPTOTECH

A practical, down-to-earth corporate culture and a genuine passion for light have made OPTOTECH what it is today. The traits that characterize OPTOTECH employees – integrity, practicality, friendliness and open-mindedness – are an important part of our competitive edge. That’s the reason why OPTOTECH has been able to maintain a consistent track record of success in the optoelectronic sector and win the trust of our customers.
If you are an outgoing, enthusiastic, quick-minded person, then why not achieve your personal growth with OPTOTECH, working together with us to achieve outstanding results and build a better future.

OPTOTECH offers a first-rate salary and benefits. Working at OPTOTECH enables you not only to hone your professional expertise, but also to enjoy a high quality of life.

A first-class salary structure:

Bonuses for special annual holidays; employee profit-sharing system; pension provision superior to that required by the Labor Standards Law.

Generous welfare provision:

OPTOTECH employees enjoy Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance coverage, group insurance coverage, annual health examinations, special commendations for model employees and senior employees, holiday travel expense subsidies, gift coupons to mark special annual holidays and festivals, birthday gift coupons, and financial assistance for funerals, childbirth, etc.