Sky Screen, Suzhou

Sky Screen, Suzhou

P30mm(W) x P35mm(L)
4680 x 528 dots N6
720 X 528 dots N5
Display dimension:
163.8m x15.84m 2 set
25.2m x 15.84m 2 sets
Installation time:10. 2008

Following its successful installation of the Sky Screen in Beijing in 2006, OPTOTECH entered into another contract in 2008 for a large-scale Sky Screen in the Harmony Times Square in Suzhou Industrial Park, one of the focus projects of the Suzhou Harmony Development Group. The Harmony Times Square, situated in the bustling areas of the Suzhou CBD, is the most influential and valuable commercial zone for brand products in Hua-Dong district and a spotlight in the Suzhou Industrial Park. The LED Sky Screen, spanning the walking commercial area of the Harmony Times Square, will provide a variety of shows on a regular basis everyday after its formal installation in January 2009, creating a vivid world of light and shadows over the sky of Suzhou.